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Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
tbh, I have certain doubts that the scene has a real significance, since it was obviously a dream created by QB.
Why would QB insert a shot of Kyousuke's hospital there then? In fact, that shot is more for the audience than for Madoka, since is inserted in a really intrusive way too.

I know it's not totally certain yet, but with the clues we have now, it's more likely than ever before.

EDIT: Also, don't forget the red ribbon. Episode 1 is the first time Madoka wears that color (red). We know it's the first time because of Hitomi and Sayaka's reaction to it. But lo and behold, in the dream, Madoka is wearing a red ribbon!! Unless Kyubey knows the future, he couldn't possible know Madoka was going to wear that color, so it's unlikely the dream is his doing. On the other hand, the red ribbon also hints this dream is a vision of a future event.

And please, don't tell me I'm nitpicking for bringing up the ribbon. Episode 1 focus on it quite a lot, so all this can not be coincidence!!

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