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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
How does that make him appeal to girls ?

Touma is totally not a bishounenish character; where's the arrogant smirk and sly insults? Where's the glitters and flowers and rich parents? Where's the effortless perfection in everything he do ?

But for some reason... Well, you only need to look at the sig in the above poster to know that he's becoming 'Touma of the Radiant'...>.>

Then again, When he was first introduced, Accelerator had quite an ugly mug as well...
For the first one, like I said, that mostly applies to 2ch denizens and the like. Not girls. But I would like to assume that girls aren't the only voters. Even then, it would be obvious those ranked higher than him have better chance of getting more votes from female voters.

Well, I'm stating the reasons I can think of which explains why he would even be in the list though.

I don't know how popular he is with the non-fanartist fandom, but beware of fanarts: even the most plain of characters can be "beautified." You don't need that kind of description to have a character be fit to be called a bishounen, do you? Or do you still require that in your criteria which might or might not apply to some other people?
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