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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
I think we've moved into an era that should consider *any* autocratic government as illegitimate and rather just a region where a real jackass and his posse are running amuck.

Of course, "real jackass and posse" defines a lot of human history (from warlords to kings to dictators) --- but at this point in the evolution of societal systems its time to call that mode out for the infantile model it is.
It depends. A modern day dictatorship generally lacks any legitimacy, as holding power is entirely based on "might makes right". It is difficult for such a system to gain legitimacy, as none of the people will believe in their ruler, because of course they are a "jackass and his posse".

However from my reading most historical autocratic governments haven't really functioned that way. Furthermore their tyranny was far less acute as they had far less means to maintain control of their populace, and their populace could more easily depose them if they really wished to.
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