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I dont really care for the new angeloid, personally I dont think there was any need to add another one. Id rather get back to some real plot soon, seems like forever again when we got our last plot advancement.
well but imagine that the new nurse one angeloid starts to like the earth surface so much to the point where she calls out her friends XD so all nurse angeloids come down to earth to tomokis house xDxD

I guess there will be a point where tomoki himself wont be able to stand it and goes to synapse on his own to yell out that its not funny ^^ that he/they send him so many UMA's one after another

there are the possibilities that this new one will be sacraficed to force tomoki realize that something like that might happen to ikaros, astrea, nymph, hiori... and that he doesnt want that... many possibilities...

personaly I started to miss Deidalos... she doesnt do anything either... she could pass the message to tomoki throught sugata.... but nope she was quiet and said nothing.... yet she waits there for tomoki to help and save her >__< he mostly dosnt even know that she is out there as he considers her a dream figure and not reality...
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