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Originally Posted by Tiberium Wolf View Post
Anyway I am reading his manifesto and it seems interesting so far in the 1st 200 pages (some parts I just peeked, too much text and citations). I thought it was complete nonsense writing but he indeed put a lot of effort to write something with head, body and feet although lot of citations. He had even put the sources.
He says himself in the manifesto that half of it is from other sources (blogs etc.) and half is his own writing (at least the "interview" and diary at the end).

Norwegian media reported some time ago that parts of the manifesto were taken straight from Unabomber's manifesto. Single words were replaced with concepts fitting his own ideology. I'm not sure of the credibility of this source, though.

Anyways, the interview and his diary in the end were somewhat interesting. The diary at least doesn't give an impression of a foaming lunatic. He is calm, calculating and rational. Of course, acting rational and being a psychopath don't exclude eachother.

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