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I'd agree with the 'logical' bit, if we meant it as 'internally consistent'. Whatever 'BS' the HnA LNs throw out, at least it hasn't broken any established rules within the LN. For example, crazily powerful magicians and what-not? Been there since Cleopatra or even earlier when Jeanne showed up. It's not like the Nasuverse where the author flip-flops on things and the entire plot runs on how to rule-lawyer the other side into checkmate
Well on that note, at least they explained how stuff came to be the way they are ( Just the fact that no matter how hard they will try to explain it the whole laser thing kind of hit the out-of-there-box).... but nevertheless the whole "mythical" section thing just got kinda outta hand for me =w= Ofc I still like the novel but just outta hand...
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