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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
It's only if your room is loaded with nothing but anime/anime-related imagery that (most) people will think you're weird.
Indeed, and it would probably be at least a little off-putting for most people to walk into a room completely covered in posters and filled with paraphernalia of any singular topic. It signifies a certain obsessiveness that few people can identify with. And if the images and items happen to all be of something they're not even familiar with (or might have misconceptions about), then all the more-so.

Originally Posted by totoum View Post
Some random person might see it as a man displaying his bestiality fetish by having a poster of a furry
I realize your comment is tongue in cheek, but I have to wonder; would people react like that to moderate "furry" features such as the ones Holo possess if they hadn't seen anything like it before? I'm too "inside the bubble" at this point to really tell.
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