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However, we want more than just a gloomy story. We want to show off the cuteness of the four girls as well,
Screw you JC staff!!!!! I don't want any freaking moe-blobs, I want accelerator tearing the Misaka clones limbs off and chucking buildings at his freaking enemies. Not Misaka, Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu in retardedly skimpy swimsuits playing in some virtual beach in a building, I have no interest in seeing someone like Kuroko running around in a freaking string Bikini....I have no interest in seeing the group eating sweet foods while talking about pointless rumors that have no point being in the actual story. I want my action, fights, Accelerator being an awesome villian. I want to see Mikoto losing her mind and having a mental breakdown, and then after all of those hardships, overcoming her fears, and relying on the people around her to help her in situations that she can not overcome alone. Simply put, If JC staff continues to screw this up and makes a mess of the Sisters Arc of all arcs, than I want to see them BURN!

Hopefully JC staff gets some major backlash from this if they turn the sisters arc, one of the most, if not the most gore and drama filled arcs into a fluff filled POS story. To call it "Unavoidable" is an insult, They seem to think that Moe Blob garbage is better than a story with a great plot, great drama, very touching moments, and amazing fights. If they really feel this way than they have no right adapting a great series like this into an anime.

/end rant
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