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Hey! Thanks for your feedback!
I finally have time for a little breather to reply. I noticed your post a few days ago, but I was neck high in exam stress. Still am, but oh well.

In regards to the Saigo no Kiss snippet. Yeah, I kind of took a bunch of everyday oberservations at school, put it into words and stuck it in. I went to an international school in Switzerland, so I don't know how it is in America, but as you said, stereotypes exist everywhere.
And yes, that snippet was taken from the beginning of the story. It's actually not very long, since Animax had a limit of about 40 pages, if I remember correctly. But it's the only story that I've written to completion, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Then wow, really, thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment! You absolutely made my day! ^_^

The girl entering the bar story (I know, I must think up of a title soon). "LOL" was my first reaction to your "More. Now. Please" It made my day even better, if that were possible.
Oh, yes, yes, yes! Another person who enjoyed reading this genre! I only got into a few months back, when I half-heartedly picked up a random book at the airport. It ended up being "Shadow Dance" by Julie Garwood and kept me up all night just reading, reading, reading. ^_^
Heh, first thing on my to-do list now after finishing exams is to go buy a Sandra Brown book. If you say it's good, then it's a must read for me!! hehe

As for the story. I'd love to feed you what I have so far, but after the prologue, the plot becomes a little wonky, since I'm still not decided on what I want to write about. Obviously, Tomoe and (the wonderful) Xavier, but plot-wise...If that's okay with you, I'd be happy to have anyone and everyone read it. ^.^

And once again, thank you and thank you for your kind words!
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