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Originally Posted by shelter View Post
I'm normally a bit apprehensive inserting definitions from out of nowhere into the narrative...But I felt that, I suppose, it does suit your character somewhat. But it's unclear. You might want the character himself to insert in his own commentary on love (E.g "Love is..." or "love, personally, is really just...").
I disagree with this. We KNOW it's coming from him, so it's obviously his opinion. Adding extraneous indication of such is just filler. If a character inserts his own definition of a thing, the reader can agree or disagree, but in the end it's about the character, not the opinion of the person reading the passage. If that's what the character thinks, it is part of their personality and shapes who they are and the impressions one gets from that character.

I am so tired of typing the word "character" now.
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