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Originally Posted by ZeroXSEED View Post
Umm, hello guys, this is the first time I joined this subforum and thread, and the first time I write Naruto fanfic.

Nothing original or new, just a bit.... different.

The main point of difference is one question: "What if people trying to accept Naruto?"

Feel free to criticize anything (including grammar, because I'm not even speaking English), or if you have any suggestion for it.

Spoiler for TRY Chapter 1 Part 1:

Here's two question whose answer I need before I can continue the next part
Spoiler for Please help:
1.) You can have either one of the clan leaders watch over him, Teuchi, Tenten's Father, or an OC.

2.) Karin said she sensed bandits coming when her village was destroyed, so you can have here somehow find her way there.

ASN Naruto and WMB Naruto have been updated: TwilitDreams & Fanfic
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