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@escimo - I'm absolutely horrid in post processing. I wouldn't add a fake sunflare even I knew how. Lol. I didn't want the flare to be so drastic, but I was shooting without a hood, so it turned out to have extremely long flare lines. :/
Well, that would be the next thing for you to work on. Especially if you shoot JPEG. Adobe dropped the price of Lightroom to relatively reasonable level and that and shooting in RAW gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of workflow. If you choose to get Lightroom and have any questions about it I'd be glad to help as much as I can.

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Nice one! What camera are you using?
This was taken with Olympus PEN E-P1 and Voigtländer 25mm F/0.95 Nokton. It was shot in manual mode at F/8 and ISO 200 with an exposure time around 1/1000s. (Not sure about the exposure time though. I used a cheapo monopod for stability.

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I know nothing about photography not to mention that my camera is really bad in sunlight since there is no eye view-finder. Only the screen that attracts a lot of glare. I'd love to hear more on how to fix those problems though.
Correcting a crooked horizon is extremely easy in basically any image processing software, including free ones like gimp. Most of them have some kind of image rotation adjustment. However it's good to note that unless you leave the blank spaces resulting from rotating the image, you'll lose part of the image area when you crop the image. Either way it's always best to try to get the angle as correct as possible when shooting. There are also cheap small spirit levels available that you can attach to your camera. These can be bought in most camera stores. Some cameras have a similar feature built in.


On a side note, Adobe released Photoshop CS6 for preorder. It's available also with subscription license which costs $19.99/month (plus possible VAT) in US. That's for one year subscription. It's also available with Month-to-Month subscription for $10/month more. Us Europeans have to pay a bit more once again... A free public beta is still available for a while longer.

With a year's subscription I think the price begins to be quite reasonable. As a year's subscription costs about the same as the upgrade from previous version.

Sorry for the advertising and no, I'm not an Adobe employee. Just happen to like what they've been doing lately.
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