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Chapter 2 has begun translation, and unless those are very LONG parts it seems that it would be a short chapter.

Both Quenser and Heivia are still not yet with their original Unit, they're sent to do more black ops with another company with yet another suscipious sounding name Oh, but at least there's a perfect idol following them this time... And somehow their new Commander is another big breasts women...

Also, from the previous chapter and the start of this one- I'm starting to get an idea of what was Kamachi's influence for this volume

"No, no.” The woman shook her head. “If unexpected trouble splits us up, we will not put together a team to retrieve you. Walking the 80 kilometers back to the military airport in this blizzard would be harsh. If your rations freeze over, they will be of no use. If that happens, you might be able to shed some tears onto the cocoa powder. Licking it bit by bit may save your life.”


“I see this job has a great welfare program,” commented Heivia.
Well, shit...
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