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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Akane is not law bound to follow brains in jars; She is bound to follow the Sybil computer. The fact that the sybil computer doesn't exist is irrelevant.

The brains don't legally exist; so they don't have legal authority.
Here's the thing. Episode 1 shows Akane being willing to appeal to moral authority beyond the Sybil system's judgement. And somehow I doubt she didn't bludgeon Makishima to death because of orders.
Originally Posted by carcanclaw View Post
Psycho Pass: Literature and Philosophy majors are dangerous.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
In some ways, Akane and Makishima are like opposite sides of the same coin. She's "Lawful Good" while he's "Chaotic Neutral". But both basically believe in what they're doing. There's an internal consistency to their actions, thoughts, and words. Neither wavers much, if at all, from that. Perhaps that's what a Psycho-Pass reading is all about - Firmness of character, no sense of shame, no sense of having compromised one's self or one's ideals, no crippling doubts or second thoughts.
I'd pretty sure Makishima is pretty solidly Chaotic evil though. Neutral people don't become serial killers for fun.
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