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Yeah, funny that someone mentioned the Panopticon during the riot episode, since it got a shout-out this week.

And heh, Kogami thinks Makishima would quote Jeremy Bentham, who would probably be Kyubey's favorite philosopher. Yeah, I guess Butcher is not exactly fond of utilitarianism.

Very interesting angle on the "Hyper-Oats". It kinda came out of left field, but then so did entropy in Madoka. Y'know, it is true how a disturbing amount of our food supply really does come out of the laboratory rather than the farm. Maybe almost all of the wagyu beef or even sushi of 22nd century Japan is in fact just oatmeal with engineered flavoring and added protein powder. Check out this article as to how a lot of flavors in today's America are concocted in New Jersey laboratories. And of course, mirroring our worries about "Frankenfoods" today, it can all be taken out with just the right amount of superbugs. Also, was anyone else a bit disturbed by the notion of turning the entire Hokuriku region into one big factory farm? That's almost akin to uprooting the population of an entire U.S. state and turning into a robot farm. (Or California's factory farm-dominated Central Valley, for that matter. Goodbye Bakersfield, Fresno and Stockton, and I guess we'll have to move the state capital from Sacramento to Los Angeles. We're sorry if you've made your lives in those cities and have treasured memories there, but that'll only make your Hues go darker, so kindly step onto the bus to your new state housing. And we're sorry that your entire population has to move to Illinois, Iowa, but you do understand it's all for the best, right?)
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