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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
NSFs escape serious injury during grenade throwing exercise gone wrong

How did he manage to get the safety lever out of his hand? When pulling the pin, the lever should be between the thumb and the first finger, and the instruction is to "tug gently, twist, then tug gently again until the pin is out", not "jerk the pin out".

And secondly, aren't they briefed that the grenade and both hands should always be over the throwing bay, and if in doubt, drop, not throw, the grenade and get down behind the bay?

Either way, for the officer, it is a stupid move, but for a panicking recruit like that, not much he can do.
I suspect both of them froze for several seconds, given that the grenade exploded in mid air after throwing, if they dropped and climbed out of the bay I think it would have gotten both of them.

My story with explosives is that I once dropped a live M203 round while taking it out. Dropped onto the concrete floor then me and the sgt on duty looked at each other wondering what to do In the end safety office came over, inspected for dents and told me to fire it off.
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