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Originally Posted by suiton629 View Post
What I meant by saying:

If you want to get technical, I consider the RM Ver. line of MGs from Seed to currently consist of:

Aile Strike
Dual (w/ Assault Shroud)

...since they all came around the same time.

Is that they are new enough in my book to be considered RM Ver. or at least part of that same line of releases regardless of them actually being a remaster or a new mold. I just categorize them all under the same umbrella.
Key part here "Re-" that denotes something that was DONE OVER, the other GAT kits are all from scratch

Design wise yes they all come from a modern design perspective/standard but in no way are they a "Remaster Line"

You are using your own personal categorizations here where no official ones exist. Its not being technical at all, its being opinionated. And it in no way hints at a new "Remaster/RM" kit, as Bandai have already completed the set they wanted. In the case IF there was a loose RM kit out there, say Impulse or Destiny, then that would be a much better indication that the Impulse variants or SF/IJ will follow at some point
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