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i've been there, i've done it.
I had an entire 1/144 HG seed and seed destiny collection and countless old MG's. I ditched them all a few years ago. Newer stuff apears, interests shift, you will see gundams is not everything in the world.
I plan on quitting GunPla all together soon. That's why I'm getting these HGs since Gundam 00 is where I really started to like Gundam and GunPla.

The newer series like Build Fighter does not interest me and UC contest has never interested me. It's been a few years so right now, all I want (aside from these HG 00 kits) are just MGs from 00, Wing, Seed, Seed Destiny, G, and X. That's it. And I know it'll take years more til we see the ones I'd want, but that's fine since GunPla will be taking a huge huge back seat for me now.
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