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Originally Posted by firefox View Post
All this commotion over a name bandai gives a release....

RM strike could have easily be called aile strike 2.0 would be alot more logical and in line with previous releases then whatever stupid idea the marketing department has again.

Yes we will most likely get a MG freedom 2.0 or whatever you wanna call it. and after that hopefully something new like Gaia, ginn, CGUE or zaku warrior/phantom!

And it's not because another suit in in the background of a boxart that it will get a release!!! If that was true i can name 20 suits that are years behind their release.

And finaly, suiton will be ditching all his nice gundam kits in the bin in 5-10 years like somebody allready suggested, but he sponsors the development of new stuff, so we thank him
This is nothing, if you want a REAL commotion go over to the SEED/DESTINY thread and scroll back through all the debates/arguments (which are surprisingly civil as far as SEED related arguments tend to be)
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