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Originally Posted by Nosauz View Post
again, region codes???? I FUCKING HATE DVDs period, whats the point, the world went global with the internet and having time restriction, region restrictions is just plain ASININE. This is the reason for lots of piracy. Really I bought every copy of madden since 94, but I can't legally buy naruto narutomitte 3 or bleach blademasters with it not working or having to pay a god damn excise tax, and having to buy another import ps2. Really I would have had to wait an additional year and a half to play katamari, or stuff like tyco brahe drum master, or dj master. Anyway theres a lot of stuff about the gaming industry that pisses me off but BC is one of the things that really irks me. At least with the god damn pc i know I can play all my games, or at least find possible methods to play them but with ps2 games there is no avail.
With regard to movies, I can understand why region codes are in place. Cinema release schedules are different from country to country.

However, games are another matter in my opinion. I'm not going to pretend that I completely understand how the publishing side of the industry works, but games are mainly home consumer products. With import costs to consider, let the user decide what games to play.

And no, piracy is not exactly a result of region codes. It's a result of economics and the high prices of goods. When one with a limited budget can find a cheap alternative of "relatively" the same quality to the original, it's not that hard to figure out what might happen.
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