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The episode numbering is a little confusing, I'll agree. In season 1, there were 13 episodes; 12 of them aired. The unaired episode was part of the DVD release for season 1. That episode number is episode #7. It's a bridge episode between the first half of season 1 and the second half of season 1. After season 1's DVD were released, there was a single 1 episode OVA released. Here at AS, we're referring to that OVA episode as season 2, episode #0. Now, we're starting into the official season 2 of which episode #1 aired last week.

Here's a summary listing of the seasons / episodes so far:

Season 1
episodes 1 - 6 (broadcast)
episode 7 (DVD only)
episodes 8 - 13 (broadcast)
episode 0 (DVD only)
Season 2
episodes 1 - ? (broadcast)
Thanks for the info. But why then in the wiki they mark a second OVA release on april 2009? Isn't that the one that has been release recently?
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