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Strictly speaking, season 1 episode #7 -- the episode that is from the middle of season 1 -- is an OVA because it never aired. Wiki is including this as part of its OVA count.

Therefore, the episode called "season 2 episode #0" -- or the OVA as I listed it -- would be the second OVA for the series. Season 2 episode #0 or OVA (whatever you want to call it) is the one mentioned as the "second OVA" by Wiki that came out at the very end of April.

Did I clear things up? Or just make them muddier?
Yeah it makes sense. I guess I saw my mistake. Didn't read well the part of Episode list. Just went to the end and didn't saw the episode 7 part, skipped that part by mistake.. LOL ^^
Freaking Wikipedia :P thnks for the info thou LOL
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