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Good stuff, good stuff. The brothers' synchrony was awesome and how they dealt with the chimera was hilarious.



Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Truly loved the Yoki flashback. The original black and white silent style was used very nicely. Had me laughing quite a bit, especially with the addition of the Armstrong sisters who haven't appeared at all yet in this adaptation.

Shame we have to wait two weeks to see one of the best scenes from the manga.
I found it unique and clever. They skipped over that so this was a great way to tell those who didn't watch the first series what happened. The only problem I had with it was it was a little too long.

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IMO this was probably the funniest episode of FMA to date, glad they finally put in a bit of Yoki's backstory, although I wish they could've also used it to explain May's presence in Amestrias as well.
They already told us that May is there to investigate immortality.
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