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I think should consider the idea that Beatrice is the culprit inside her games.
We can't take that for granted; Beatrice could just be playing her martyr game.

Even still, Meta-Beatrice can't really be the culprit, since Battler is trying to disprove her existence; She can't be the culprit anymore than Meta-Battler can be the culprit, since he can't actually investigate anything, or trust in what he's shown. He's a Reader.

The fake part shouldn't even be questioned at this point. But why you think that this opportunity killer is even part of Beatrice's games, if the games are based on stories that were written before the actual event?
Well, we still don't know enough about Yasu's motives about wtf is going on or whatever to be certain; perhaps she suspected someone was going to do something, and that's why she wrote the message bottles? It's ultimately irrelevant though. Beatrice is taking the blame for SOMEONE, her entire character is built on that.

Hachijo said that she was able to reach the truth by reading the messages in the bottle. Rationally speaking this opportunity killer shouldn't exist at all in those stories. Beatrice wrote those stories with herself as the killer.
Which means either Yasu isn't the culprit in her own stories, or Hachijou is speaking utter bullshit. I can believe either.

What Battler (and we) is supposed to understand is Beatrice's game, her heart, her motives. And if you re-watch Battler's epiphany in EP5 you'll realize that he only understood all of these stuff and not some kind of foreign element in Beatrice's story.
Pfft, yea, and? She obviously has a heartfelt motive for taking the blame for someone. For example (hypothetical example I know is crap, no need to deconstruct it), "Yasu suspected that George was going to kill people, made Shannon/Kanon the culprit of the story to spare him, sent it out. Hachijou somehow picked up on enough clues to deduce that George is the culprit."

So basically what I mean to say is that whether this opportunity killer exist or not, it has nothing to do with Beatrice's game. Beatrice wouldn't include him in her games, because her objective is not to make Battler understand the truth of the Rokkenjima incident, but the truth of her heart.
I'm not entirely convinced there's a difference, considering what Beatrice represents.

Also, lolEP3.
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