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There might be clues! We still dont know how that Sakutaro got there, either it was made before the events or it was made after it! Lets go deeper into this, lets assume it was done before the events, a likely scenario. Rosa made it for Maria and intended to give it to her during the family conference, forgot about it and left in the boat by accident. Rosa made it because she noticed that Maria was delving farther into the world of witches ever since she ripped the previous one up. The other possibility is that it was made after the events in Rokkenjima, that means that someone that knew about Sakutaro made it and that somehow it got to the captains house. Seems less likely but its still probable.

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Orrrrrrrrrrrrr the message bottles postdate the event.

I'm just saying, their provenance is questionable.
Someone survived the events and wrote down the events with possible spins to it, how long was it for someone thats missing and feared to be dead considered legally dead again?

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