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Well at the moment SDR2's LP is ongoing. Chances are we'll never have to worry about that project being halted. Eventually they'll reach the ending (although it may take another year...).

Project Zetsubou's twitter confirmed the other day that they are working on SDR2. They claimed that if NISA didn't put out a localization for the game they would, eventually. As for what that means in the face of a C&D and any number of things, it's hard to say. I suspect, however, that we would eventually see a fan patch in the next two years in the absence of an official localization.

Also, about the question of the fan translation being the cause of the remake for Vita, such is extremely doubtful. Chances are that Dangan Ronpa's remake started the same time that production of the anime started.

So based on the link Klashikari provided, I have some very large concerns about the quality of the translation for Dangan Ronpa. Not even just the 'Trigger Happy Havoc' title they're using, but the SDHS titles. Clairvoyent? Pop Star? FASHIONISTA? MORAL FREAKING COMPASS? We know what a Prefect is, Japan. They even left the name Monokuma in apparently instead of switching to Monobear to appeal to Western audiences. Sounds like we may have to use the fan translation even after it's released.
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