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Originally Posted by Skane
This episode also strengthens my notion from my Ep06 write-up that Aono needs therapy, NOW. I feel like a Mexican Jumping Bean waiting for the fansub.
I can relate to this. Both parts of the quote Seriously, i am about to gnaw on my keyboard if i don't get my Sola fix. I had rather high expectations of this show and not only did it not fail them, it has surpassed them.

Originally Posted by Skane
Oh, and good grief, Sae doing the "previews"? Also, it was rather ominous that the sky in the preview no longer remained blue, but turned red.
Yar... more fuel to my paranoia detector. Either way ... i really want to see how this all ends, but i dread the results at the same time . And i get a very ominous feeling regarding the ep9 title.
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