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Like Skane said, I don't think there are "bosses" in erogames. Maybe Tsukihime? But I'm in the middle of playing that, so no spoilers please.

And I'm really thinking I need to find a copy of School Days. Is it wrong for me to want to play a game for the bad endings? (I keep killing myself in the aforementioned game because Ciel-sensei is ~so~ cute.)

Uh, *cough Fate/stay night cough*

I'm for the incest angle too. That would be one of the few reasons why she couldn't be with Yorito other than the usual Yorito is about to run off with Matsuri. Back then first cousin pairings were acceptable. If they were truly in love and not brother and sister, she could have ran off with him. It would also tie in better with her still trying to maintain that front but still wanting to date him.
Unfortunately, if this Yorito is not the original but a reincarnation then they are not truly blood related and that she messed with a total stranger's head. His current family is probably in tears right now if that is what happened.

It could also be that all this time she was trying to make him forget about Matsuri thru mind manipulation again and that those thoughts of Matsuri such as the umbrella scene signify that Matsuri remnants were breaking thru her control which was why she was also thinking how is this happening since she was so successful in the past with manipulating him. I bet his sky obsession is also a manisfestation of those memories trying to come thru. I bet that Yorito needs to disappear for a while to regain full control.

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