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where did you get this from? at present time aono is a 200 year old yaka so yea she wouldnt be related to yorito but in the past who says that she isnt his blood related sister? (reincarnation or recreation the yorito now is surely being manipulated by aono in some way or another)
I'm mostly going off the, "That's a lie! He's your---", line in episode 6. As of episode 7 though, I'm also getting the impression that the reason she fashioned Yorito to be her brother(if she did at all) isn't because it was their previous status. Rather, I'm thinking she did so because she realized she had little chance of winning his heart, and thus used the family angle to guarantee that he'd never totally disregard her. Which is obviously having rather limited success in her eyes. =)

EDIT: Wow, we sure did break 100 before the sub release. ^_^

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