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Okay, I guess I didn't remember that, but Signum certainly doesn't have amnesia so she'd have recognised Agito too. The only bit of memory loss the Wolkies had was of what happened when the book was completed. It's possible that if they were real people first that the book erased their memories of their lives, but that wouldn't make sense. If you want powerful warriors, why would you erase years of combat experience?
Because you want slaves? Or more likely since the book was broken to begin with? It's not as if it was a correctly functional object after someone started messing with it. And with the Book broken, the Wolkies are broken as well. They can't remember the time when the Book was a peaceful tool for gathering information, that means that if they had memories from before that, logically they would not remember those either.

Like I said, points in favor, points against, its neither proven nor disproved. They could have been programs created when the Book was created, they could have been real people absorbed like Fate was, either is possible and canon is very unlikely to go into detail on it. Why should they? Let the fans go crazy with it. Not like it's the first time they pulled that stunt anyway.

Actually leaves another plotbunny for the fanfic world... would Fate have joined the Wolkenritter had she not escaped and the others failed to suppress the Book?

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The only time anyone in the series fought the complete Book of Darkness was when Nanoha and Fate faced Corrupted!Reinforce and we all know how well that went (before Hayate was able to ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL).
... Now I've got the image of Hayate fighting from behind her desk as Harbinger in mind, and it's not letting go.

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