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Originally Posted by Nanya01 View Post
New Materials comic...

vic-vic, nagumo, can either of you two translate please?

It's on Danbooru.

Sorry, the image that I linked was small as hell.

On Danbooru Warning, site is NSFW, but the image is.

Yami: How`s that? Will you bow before my might?
Rai: Ahahahaha! I will… I`ll bow.
Seikou: Breakfast is ready.
Yami: You as always so expressionless.
Yami: Take that… I`ll show you my might too.
Seikou: Hey…Yami, stop it!
Seikou: If you don`t stop right now… I`ll get… mad.
Yami: Fun! Be my guest…
Rai: Hey, Starlight Destroyer, one more time? Queen already twitching.
Seikou: One more time.
Seikou: Make her squirm like that two times.
Seikou: Prefect.

Angry Seikou scaryer than Nanoha.
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