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I think this is rather obvious to some degree. Jessica and Kyrie feed Battler a lot of rubbish about a witch. In addition, Jessica said too much when she talked about George dying, which she should have no way to know, unless she was informed by someone, since the place where Battler found George's body couldn't be seen from Jessica's bedroom.

If we remember who's the one intending to be seen as a witch, and who probably staged this game, then the reason why Jessica and Kyrie told Battler about a witch becomes apparent, I think. However, the reason why everyone got killed is still something I do not understand. Even if we go by the theory that Yasu killed the rest because Battler failed the test, that wouldn't answer why George got killed beforehand. It also makes me wonder why only George and Kyrie had small holes in their heads, whereas the rest had their heads half destroyed.
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