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I can also recommend a criminally overlooked dark RPG title in Vampires: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Troika's last and greatest work. It has a gripping story, amazing dialogue and voice acting (play Malkavian for the lulz), sexy vampires, and the bugs and instability which plagued its early releases have long since been purged by the community unofficial patch. It could be hard to find though what's with the company being bankrupt and all, though there's always...other means of acquisition if you do not have issues with that.
Yeah, I'll second this. I'd get it over The Witcher--the first one at least was really really boring. It might have some fairy interesting story-telling going on, but I stopped caring after the first few hours of inane combat. Also the narrative is harmed by the jarringly cheesy "romantic" encounters.

You might take a look at Gothic II and/or Risen.... and perhaps Fable if you're up for a simplistic though entertaining RPG.
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