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Originally Posted by Murasaki View Post
Maybe I will play Jade Empire someday
I'd recommend Jade Empire good game.

Originally Posted by Murasaki View Post
I don't like all these Vampire themes, so no. And don't know about Deus Ex, I think I am biased toward newer games as the have better graphics. I know that's wrong to give more attention to graphics than to gameplay but ...
I'm a little saddened you don't like SP FPS, some of the best games for the PC are FPS.
Deus Ex/System Shock 2/Half-Life are classic titles I think any avid PC gamer really should play at some point.
BTW I do believe there is a HD texture Mod for Deus Ex, so that maybe worth a look into.

Anyway a slightly older game dating back to 2001 you could try Severance: Blade of Darkness.
A rather forgotten title of great 3rd person adventure action but pretty sure graphics from then will look dated even tho it was considered pretty good for it's time.

I don't see Splinter Cell anywhere, theres really any pick from the whole series but I'd go with Chaos Theory, I believe to said to be the best one.
Also don't see Hitman series anywhere, quality gaming fun to be had here btw.
Can't remember how well the story held up cause I was having to much fun with all the silient killing!

Anything else I liked or thought was worth a mention probably wouldn't make the cut, it's mostly mediocre stuff but stuff I still found pretty enjoyable.

It's a real pity Uncharted wouldn't make it to the PC
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