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Originally Posted by Murasaki View Post
I did both Half Life games of course :P
Oh, yeah , which Hitman series is the best? I also want play it.

And do you think the new Deus Ex Human Revolution worth playing, when it comes out?
Hmm tricky one saying which is the best Hitman but in general terms I'd say the lastest outting which is Blood Money.

But I did quite enjoy Contracts.

If you really got time then maybe starting from the 1st game might be good but I can't recall if you really need to play the games in order or if there was a overall pig picture spanning the games.
Sure someone else can clear that up.

Atm I'd hazard a guess and say yea Deus Ex: Human Rev is gonna be worth it, sure no doubt it will have it's little problems just like any other game but it just looks so damn good!

Remembered another title worth a look, Gears Of War.
Yes very action like, basically just a FPS with a 3rd person perspective really but I found it to be pretty good.
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