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What if you only like games with good graphics? What if only good graphics please you? There's nothing to '' get over '' then and it's his '' loss ''if he doesn't want to play older games. I would actually want to know what are the '' best '' old games because I too, like my games with graphics, and I don't play old games.

I agree about the FPS thing though, you'll miss out on a LOT of games if you concentrate on 3rd person. But, seeing as you have played TES and Fallout, I don't really see where the hate for FPS is when these are in first person. You should play Fallout New Vegas by the way. The STALKER games are also excellent. Both were suggested by syn already, I see, so I'll just second those and Blops too. Usually FPS games that focus on MP have awful story, but not this one.. You really should play it.
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