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Voted for my top five thus far - Gilgamesh, Kotomine, Rider, Caster and Kayneth. The first two possessing an admittedly unfair advantage due to me having already warmed up to them a lot in F/SN. Anyway...

Gilgamesh for being incredibly haughty and majestic with lines as golden as his own armour, as well as serving as an excellent and very compelling part-time philosopher and therapist in Kotomine's chambers.

Kotomine for being on the receiving end of the most character development thus far, with his fascinating character arc illustrating a rather poignant human condition. And of course, Jouji Nakata's sexy voice.

Rider I don't even feel I have to explain given his evident qualities and overall popularity. But yeah, he's just a very inspiring and heart-warming force with a fantastic outlook on life and the world, which are especially welcome in a conflict featuring so many scheming and ruthless badasses. He also has a surprising amount of brains to match the brawn, and despite being so larger than life he is at the same time probably the most human out of all the characters.

Caster simply for being an all around very entertaining psychotic and theatrical baddie, the despicable kind whom you just love to hate and who adds a lot of engaging intrigue to the story. He's also gone through some development himself and has shown us different facets, with his driving force having shifted from his obsession with Jeanne to wanting to finally reach the God he could never gaze upon in his mortal life. Particular kudos to his voice actor, whose fittingly insane delivery has been sex to the ears and has given the character even more flair and villainous charisma.

Last but not least, Kayneth for being an amusingly pompous and elitist individual, who nonetheless yearns for the approval of those around him, much like the student he seemed to reprimand so much. His fall from grace was one of the most interesting arcs in this first half of the story, in no small part thanks to the cruel irony of the frighteningly humbling circumstances he's been reduced to.

But yeah, this is a most excellent ensemble cast. They've all got such life to them, with clearly defined and well presented different philosophies and ideologies, which make their clashes and confrontations so very interesting and dynamic.

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