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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
You've fallen into the same kind of hypocrisy that Rita basically used to justify her actions: Extreme actions need extreme measures.

The ultimate thing to note is that all parties have a fault in this, and to say either side's action was justified is in itself wrong.
Sometimes I feel these anime discussions cross into the field of real life without me noticing...
I, as a person, would've opened the door and told her to get lost. I've better things to do with my day than to put up with someone I have no interest in being with, especially someone with a background of acting against my wishes and not respecting my space.

Dragon, however, is a shut-in. As smart as he may be, he couldn't be prepared for a sneak attack of that magnitude.
Given his circumstances, I don't blame him. I blame Rita, since she has some idea of what kind of person he is and still continues to do things that she knows he doesn't enjoy.
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