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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Wait, is this a praise or a mockery ?
Just stating a fact, and substantiating it with evidence, something I have been accused of not being able to do here in these forums.

Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Yes, but does that automatically give anyone the right to shut out and completely ignore a person that came all the way over from another country? That in itself is unreasonable by any standards, and to support such action is committing the same kind of mistake Rita is making.
What is unreasonable is to expect anyone to graciously (or otherwise) and unconditionally meet with someone else just because that person came from another country. This idea is absurdly ridiculous. Or will you now stick some conditions in there to make more plausible?

If I didn't want to see someone ever again, say, an ex-girlfriend, and she flew over from Paris to see me, you think I should chit-chat with her just because she flew over from Paris to see me, unannounced, even though she knew I never wanted to see her again? Absurd! The onus is on her to stay away from me and to respect my wishes.

Originally Posted by Dark Faith View Post
Sometimes I feel these anime discussions cross into the field of real life without me noticing...
More like The Twilight Zone...

I, as a person, would've opened the door and told her to get lost. I've better things to do with my day than to put up with someone I have no interest in being with, especially someone with a background of acting against my wishes and not respecting my space.

Dragon, however, is a shut-in. As smart as he may be, he couldn't be prepared for a sneak attack of that magnitude.
Given his circumstances, I don't blame him. I blame Rita, since she has some idea of what kind of person he is and still continues to do things that she knows he doesn't enjoy.
Well said. A "sneak attack" is exactly what it was. She, herself, even called it a battle.
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