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Originally Posted by FredFriendly View Post
What is unreasonable is to expect anyone to graciously (or otherwise) and unconditionally meet with someone else just because that person came from another country. This idea is absurdly ridiculous. Or will you now stick some conditions in there to make more plausible?

If I didn't want to see someone ever again, say, an ex-girlfriend, and she flew over from Paris to see me, you think I should chit-chat with her just because she flew over from Paris to see me, unannounced, even though she knew I never wanted to see her again? Absurd! The onus is on her to stay away from me and to respect my wishes.
A simple "No" would have been the minimum for Dragon to pass. This is the same thing I'm seeing over and over again: People are thinking in black and white, right or wrong. Is this some "You must either meet or not meet" situation? No, Dragon never declined properly, which in itself is his own fault regardless of his personality. For people to miss this makes me worried.

PS: I've now seen the scene in question, and Dragon has done enough in my view. Still, the basic principles of my post I maintain.
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