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Aside from our fascinating blind fellow (in which I agree with the majority of the people that this probably is Fujitora), I think Dressrosa itself is the real star of this chapter.

As other people here have commented here, this seems like a pretty sweet place to live - well, as long as you're not a cheating guy! Although it unsettles me vaguely... things are too calm, especially since we had the last two chapters of people yelling about Doflamingo stepping down (Trebol even mentions how close they are to riot). Sanji even lampshades this this chapter. Did Dofla do a keep calm and carry on to the people? Maybe... but still you'd think you'd be detecting more anxiety than this.

Another interesting thing are those toys. I have so many questions about those toys. What's animating them (DF? Fairies?), why are so many of them around, are they as sweet and harmless seeming as appears on the surface? My guess is not... that toy soldier, despite recognizing Luffy from the papers, did nothing (or at least, nothing we're aware of). Also strings? It looks like these toys are marionettes, which ties nicely back to Dofla's puppeteering ability.

All that combined makes me wonder if this place will be more a Water Seven or a Sabaody - which looks nice on the surface, but hides a lot darkness underneath. It certainly highlights another facet of Doflamingo's character. He certainly is a good king, isn't he? Dressrosa is prosperous, he's obviously thought well of by his subjects, and his crew polices the island to keep order, going off the comments of the casino crooks about Buffalo. Then we know he's got his fingers into every dirty dealing imaginable - from slavery, to drugs, to weapons trafficking. His nakama adore him, he'll go at great lengths for them, even if he'll sacrifice them if necessary. Then there's the man who delights at turning comrades against each other with his powers, as we see with Bellamy and Sarquiss, the vice admirals at the meeting, and Atmos and company. Complex and conflicting. I can see why he's said to have the devil's charisma by the Marines; it's things like Dressrosa that make you question just how much of a villian he is.
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