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Originally Posted by adriankhoo153 View Post
Lot of you betting it on the old blindman DF as gravity or blackholes etc but could it be jes his raw power? Am sure Zoro could do that holes too. Is it because the blindman jes withdraw the sword without striking make u think he or the sword having some kind of gravity like DF?
I'm going with blackholes df on a sword given the fact that it shined then he took out the blade a bit.. Plus the fact that the they where pulled to the ground and couldn't get up as if something was pulling them to the ground. That would explain the mask leader saying "So heavy, It's crashing me" as he tried fighting it and then the hole appeared which was quite big and was black with no bottom in site. Plus after looking back at the chapter the chairs/tables/table cloth etc are being sucked into it as well as wind by the looks of it. Plus Blind swordsman is seen walking away from it. Thou the only thing I can't see that isn't being sucked in is the candle lights on the ceiling soo maybe it doesn't effect the ceiling?
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