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Also at first I thought Lambda was mad at Beato for failing in tricking Battler into making him accept Beato as a witch. But now that I think about it - is she actually mad because someone actually survived and got off the island?

If I remember correctly Lambda was talking about a cage for Bern. But if Battler accepts Beato then the game is over, right? So in order to keep that cage intact the game must reset over and over and over again.
She's mad because Beatrice isn't giving it 100%. She's being easy on Battler and almost letting him win, which would end the game.

And doesn't solving the epitaph put the witch to sleep (on that note - why didn't the witch go to sleep?)? So again the game ends. And so far the only way to survive is solve the epitaph.
What does it mean for the witch to go to sleep? Think about that.

Hm.. the problem with this logic though is that in that case Lambda also doesnt want Beatrice to win. So she would have to constantly somehow keep status quo intact.
And how does this become a cage for Bern if she came to this game of her own free will and will leave of her own free will if it becomes boring?
Lambda's plan is that the game will remain entertaining and thus imprison Bernkastel by keeping her amused and invested. The two witches are always chasing and running away from each other in the Sea of Fragments, and Lambda wants to basically 'settle down' here and keep Bern under her thumb. It's reflective of her APPARENT involvement in Higurashi, where

Spoiler for Higurashi:

Lambda wants Beato to win and defeat Bern. Though as long as Battler keeps saying "I don't believe in witches" Beato can never win.
She wants Beato to give everything she has towards winning. If both Battler and Beato give their all, neither will win. This game is basically an endurance contest that keeps going until someone gives up.
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