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I hope the next episode is better, because ep 23 was pretty meh besides a few scenes. Also, the guru scene with Quenser and Heivia feels off for the series, considering Quenser has already saved an Elite (Oh Ho Ho), will spare more in future novels (Putuna and the Megalodiver's) and more importantly, Quenser and Heivia are going to continue killing enemy soldiers in battle.

Also, the series is basically disregarding the part about Objects basically being immune to hacking as long as their defenses aren't lowered (by heavy damage/emergency or while under maintenance). Could have avoided that plot hole by making Flide hack and upload the program while the Baby Magnum was still in maintenance before leaving the hangar for the mission. Also, unless there's an explanation next episode, there's a second plot hole: Objects have emergency shutdown codes for this exact kind of situation.

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