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Lazy man's spoiler tags: this post has spoilers.

These characters desperately need the following three things: background, background and background. And maybe a bit of background to go with that.

Anyway, I still argue that the characterization in this series is weak, and until the situation with total lack of background is changed, that's how I'll continue to call it (but, given the fact that background will almost certainly be instrumental to the plot, they'd be totally retarded not to deal with it). Nonetheless, this was an interesting, if highly melodramatic episode. As people have mentioned, Aono's case of the stabs is immediately reminiscent of Shuffle's Kaede, with the exception that she actually got background before she went off her case. Aono just happened suddenly, out of the blue, seemingly for almost no reason (past mad jealousy, which I don't buy... there has to be something more to this). Which is why I think there's a chance that
Spoiler for really out-there theory, but bare with me:

The flip side is that we may already have the complete story already, but I'd consider that both unlikely and insulting to the audience, since it'd leave us with flat characters, black-and-white motivations and a simplistic, melodramatic story with an obvious antagonist and predictable resolution. Hell, the fact that Aono has been compared to Kaede should make people realize that this is either an overly simplistic story, or we haven't seen the whole picture as of yet (and hopefully the latter is true). They have some six episodes to give these characters background and fill in all the plot-holes and I'd be incredibly disappointed if they didn't. Although, with that said, understanding the fervour for this series still eludes me. I mean, it's a decent story, but it feels like I've seen a hundred that are better....
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