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Originally Posted by Anacone View Post

One small thing to reminds me that it's possible that Aono is not possessive and she's just protective, is the fact that she haven't shown any sign of jealousy against Mana. I'm thinking her going "seed mode" is connected with the fact that we can be quite sure, that Yorito's death had to do something with him trying to cure Matsuri. Maybe in past there were Yaka hunters too and one of these hunters killed him (too simple though) or something just happened when he was trying to find or get cure...
I am pretty certain it is 100% jealousy on her part. Aono is seeking attention from Yorito - it is as clear as day. Why not Mana ? Well, Yorito met Mana only 3 months ago, while his connection to Matsuri lasts for centuries. In a way, Matsuri probably "took Yorito away" in the past from Aono's perspective, and she fears it happening again. Though it is too late anyway now - Yorito's head is filled with 2 things: Matsuri and Sky (because of Matsuri and his past connection to her).

Aono looked like she needs a therapy, and a heavy duty one. There is one person for Yorito who is above Aono - Matsuri.

No doubt, if asked why she wants Matsuri away she could give the reason you stated as the justification, but that would hold as much water as the reason Matsuri gave Yorito about her leaving. (The speech of Yakas having to live alone and stuff).

Originally Posted by Sorrow-K
These characters desperately need the following three things: background, background and background. And maybe a bit of background to go with that.

Anyway, I still argue that the characterization in this series is weak, and until the situation with total lack of background is changed, that's how I'll continue to call it (but, given the fact that background will almost certainly be instrumental to the plot, they'd be totally retarded not to deal with it). Nonetheless, this was an interesting, if highly melodramatic episode. As people have mentioned, Aono's case of the stabs is immediately reminiscent of Shuffle's Kaede, with the exception that she actually got background before she went off her case. Aono just happened suddenly, out of the blue, seemingly for almost no reason (past mad jealousy, which I don't buy... there has to be something more to this).
Almost all of the mystery in the series rests on the character backgrounds. We have barely passed the halfway point, so it is far too soon to be crying because we are not getting background information Really, all of the characters are mysteries, Yorito being the biggest one of them. Only person's background they could explore without revealing some mysteries prematurely is Mana, but i doubt many of us are interested in that

Basically: wait and see. The whole mystery rests on the characters and their past, so it is understandable why they are slowly feeding us a few bits and chopped flashbacks only.

Originally Posted by Sorrow-K
Hell, the fact that Aono has been compared to Kaede should make people realize that this is either an overly simplistic story, or we haven't seen the whole picture as of yet (and hopefully the latter is true).
Eh... you should know very well that comparing a character to Kaede has nothing to do with story depth, but simply with the fact that one character goes "psycho". Using "going Kaede" has been the replacement for the word "psycho" for a good while now, hasn't it ?

Originally Posted by Sorrow-K
Although, with that said, understanding the fervour for this series still eludes me. I mean, it's a decent story, but it feels like I've seen a hundred that are better....
*shrug* for some reason, this series manages to capture my attention like nothing in a good while. This is my no1 pick of the season, and i fully enjoy the atmosphere, and the character interactions.

But hey - tastes differ, and i have come to notice that mine and yours are extremely different when it comes down to what we consider great animes

On a side note: Aono must burn!. Muahahaha! *cough* ... damn, need to work on my evil laugh...
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