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Originally Posted by Ascaloth
I wouldn't be so quick to pass judgement on Mana, Sora-san.
Given how much this series has *ahem*ed around with us already, I almost think I wouldn't be surprised if it throws us a Mana curveball at some point or other.
Hehe, believe it or not - i considered that angle as well But i really doubt that Mana will be anything special. We need one normal person in the show Then again... my accuracy with predictions hasn't been as low as it is with Sola since.... forever, so who knows

Crazy thought: Since we are speculating that Aono created Yorito 3 months ago, how about this: She "created" Mana as well, as a person who would look after Yorito while she was in hospital

Originally Posted by Ascaloth
2) I wonder why Aono doesn't hunger to see the sky as Matsuri does....maybe the present-Yorito was originally taking the sky pictures for Aono, in his own possibly-changed memories, instead of just simply being a mere hobby for himself? Maybe he was originally taking him for his Nee-san, before Matsuri came along...just a thought.
Doubt it - Aono wasn't exactly pleased when Yorito was more interested with taking the pictures of sky instead of spending time with her in the hospital. Most likely his obsession with the sky comes from his past desire to show the sky to Matsuri.

Originally Posted by Cats View Post
But lets presume she did loose it. Can you blame her?
Watch me

*pulls out a sunlight-imbued axe while laughing Maniacally and orders a plane ticket to Japan*

Just like Yorito's feelings for Matsuri remains unchanged despite the flow of time and possibly death, so shall my dislike for this little demon...
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