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It really depends how people enjoy either th game or anime actually.
That aside, the "problem" here is the fact the anime will be obviously faster than the game, and the later is pretty long (I played Misae's route only so far, but it is really big, despite i could read it is the shortest route in the game).

In such case, it would be actually better to finish the anime first, as you would probably still have things to discover in the game (skipped points etc). The reversed way works only as "enjoy to see the major plot points being animated, and how the script is adapted", as I believe everything in the anime is already in the game.

Another possibility is to actually play the "secondary character" paths first, though we still don't have a guarantee of how the anime will end (as it might turn into more than 1 season...)
doubt about 2nd season since kyo-ani will have more importent things to do (haruhi) so thats not likely
at least not in the near future
but what do you mean the misae's route
isnt that like saying sayuri's or akiko's route
i mean isnt she a side character
how can she have a route
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