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Noted. However, I really am looking for something in the tablet form factor. I'd go with Asus's T91 if it wasn't running a desktop OS with no real touch optimizations (the outright disgusting driver situation isn't helping either).
Personally I would go for the Acer 1420P over the T91. They are the same price and even though the cheapest 1420P has a dual core celeron in it, it performs much better then z520.

I've been wanting a tablet, but I'm really having trouble justifying it. My Acer 1810TZ is the perfect size and power for carrying around. My main laptop is a 15inch Asus which i really only use to play guild wars and watch anime . Finally my N900 fulfils my other needs such as reading ebooks on the train on in bed. I guess that if I didn't have the 1810TZ then I could have gotten a tablet instead....

I think subconsciously even though I like a physical keyboard the idea of the single swivel hinge makes me feel like it will break really easily...
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