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Originally Posted by Himeji View Post
I don't really seen him trying to tolerate anything.
He only grudgingly tolerates Kirino's modeling, and he's certainly not trying to tolerate Kirino's liking for anime at all.

In China, the influence of the old Confucian values like filial piety is still much stronger, so while it's quite rare today to still find old-fashioned dads like Kyousuke's dad in Japan, it's not as rare in China - or in Chinese families in general.
Point taken. I wonder how or if the dad treats her differently from now on.

Yes, that also makes sense / sounds true. It's a good thing I live in Germany with my family so they adjusted to the lifestyle and culture. That gave them a very positive change indeed.
Who knows what I could have been through if I lived in China up to now.:P
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